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Korean Brand stylish Ultrasonic portable cleaner

A modern design ultrasonic cleaner from Korean. The is small enough to carry out for trip or travel. This cleaner integrates fashion concept into product process design, and is committed to dialogue with young people by creating new fashion products. Besides cleaning eyeglasses, jewelry, watches and even utensils can be cleaned with tap water. You can also drop 1 to 2 washing liquid for better result.


Model: AS-ZS02

Ultrasonic Frequency: 47kHz

Tank Material: Stainless Steel SUS304

Rated Voltage: 12V

Power: 15W

Package Includes:

1x Ultrasonic Cleaner

1x Detachable Plug

1x User Manual


1. Open the cover and put the items to be cleaned into the water tank (Note: for cleaning glasses, the lenses should face up to prevent scratching);

2. Add tap water into the water tank, and the detergent can be poured at the same time. The parts to be cleaned must be completely immersed in water;

3. Close the box, connect the adapter to the host, connect the power supply, and the indicator light is red, which means the normal standby state. Select the cleaning mode;

4. Press the function key to select the working mode.

5. To finish the work in advance, press the function key to stop.

6. After cleaning, disconnect the power supply, open the cover, take out the articles and wash them with water.

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