Stackable Shoe Organizer, quarantine the virus from home

All people are fighting with COVID-19 and worry about the bacteria will come from outside. No doubt that the most high risk to bring the virus to home was “our shoes”. As we knew that the bacteria is “heavy in weight” and therefore our shoes are easier to carry the virus.

Two actions can help to quarantine the virus from outside.

  1. Don’t wear any shoes inside your home. Or completely disinfect before bring to your home
  2. Put all shoes into shoe box/ organizer. This is better than just put the shoes inside the shoes cabinet without any cover.

Strong recommended to use shoes storage with plastic made as it can be wash and disinfect without damage the box.

This Shoe Storage made of high quality plastic board which is more sturdy and durable compared to the normal shoe boxes in the market, but you need to assemble them by yourself.

The dimension of these stackable shoe boxes is 14.5″x10.9″x8.4″ . Big enough for display men’s basketball shoes or women’s heels shoes.

With a completely clear door and two sides, these boxes allow for easy viewing of the contents within. You can take out your shoes without removing the box.

Easy to clean and assemble. This shoe rack ensures your shoes are protected against dust, dirty and odor. We have 2 different colors white and black, pick up the one you like and make your life more colorful.

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